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Falls Of Wildwood, Magnolia Texas

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Those of us Familiar with Magnolia Parkway


For those of you Familiar with Montgomery County

Being familiar with Montgomery County, you probably know that it's home to such cities as Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, and The Woodlands / Spring area.  But did you know that Montgomery County  is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation?  People are finding out that what Montgomery County has everything to offer from the smaller neighborhoods to acreage plus size lots that include equestrian friendly and golf course communities.  And don't forget the reasonable prices!

The Woodlands located on the west side of I-45 between Houston and Conroe began in 1974 as one of the nation’s first master planned communities and recently became its own township.  Here you will find nestled among the trees, the mecca for south Montgomery County.   The Woodlands has villages which are like small towns with their own shopping centers.  Within each village are the neighborhoods.  Besides the village shopping centers there is also the Town Center Shopping District where you will find a mall, other quaint outdoor shopping centers and the Cynthia Woods Pavilion, a major entertainment venue.   While driving through The Woodlands, you’ll find surprises around the corners.  A statue here, a shopping center there and don’t miss the bluebonnet show in the Spring along Woodlands Parkway, one of the main arteries through the city.  Other main roads through The Woodlands are SH 242, Research Parkway, Kuykendahl, and Gosling.

The Spring area (Rayford / Sawdust Corridor) of southern Montgomery County is located on the east and west side of I-45.  Here you'll find various types of gated and non-gated communities on small to estate size lots.  The location is great for residents that need to drive to work in any direction or for shopping at any of the major centers in the area.

The "1488 Corridor" or "Magnolia Parkway" is clustered with acreage communities that feature wooded home sites, ponds, golf courses, and equestrian friendly neighborhoods. The area is a great opportunity to have a little bit of land without being too far from city amenities.  As available new home sites in The Woodlands Montgomery County become rare, home shoppers naturally turn to the Magnolia and Montgomery areas where they find they can get more home and more land for their dollar.

The southern outlying area of Conroe is found along FM 1488 and south towards The Woodlands.  This area is developing rapidly because of its proximity to I-45 and the land / home prices.  Here you will not only find the typical style of neighborhood but wooded communities on half-acre plus size lots.


If you are Familiar with the Houston Area but have never Ventured North

Montgomery County is one of the most rapidly growing counties in the nation and is home to such cities as Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery (birthplace of the Texas flag) and The Woodlands.  Within Montgomery County you will find smaller neighborhoods to acreage size and equestrian friendly communities that offer great opportunities to have what you’re looking for at a reasonable price and still be able to commute north, south, east or west.

Everyone wants great schools, universities, shopping, recreation and medical facilities and Montgomery County has just that.  Many of the independent schools districts have exemplary and recognized schools.  The Woodlands is home to Lone Star College, wonderful medical facilities, and terrific shopping districts.  In Magnolia and Montgomery you’ll find single family homes on acreage plus lots and equestrian friendly neighborhoods.  A great place to relax is on beautiful Lake Conroe or shopping at the Conroe Outlet Mall.  If you’re in to antiques and history, you’ll want to visit downtown Montgomery.   Of course all areas have sport activities and super centers for those quick shopping stops.

I-45 is the main highway to Montgomery County traveling from the north or south.  Some of the main arteries through the county are SH 242, SH 105, SH249, FM 1774 and FM 1488 known as the Magnolia Parkway Corridor.  Loop 336 around Conroe provides easy access to downtown or west to the lake.


Welcome to Texas (Y'all)!

Houston, the nation's fourth largest city and an area more than 2 million people call home is an international city famous for its science, arts, and sports - with a fantastic Theatre District, state of the art Minute Maid Park, and of course, NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Area residents enjoy a mild climate and only see snow once every couple of years. The terrain in Houston is mostly flat, but as you approach the area to the north of Houston (Montgomery County), the land becomes more varied in elevation and becomes hilly as you reach Huntsville.  You will also notice that the forest becomes more vibrant and features pine trees, several kinds of oaks, sweet gums, yaupons, and holly. Wildflowers decorate the roadsides with a rainbow of colors during the spring and early summer and to everyone's delight, it's quite a show.

Montgomery County's largest metropolitan center is The Woodlands, an area that first started as a planned community but has now evolved into its own Township.  Because of its community lifestyle and affordable housing, Montgomery County is a sought after area away from the hustle and bustle that allows for easy commuting in any direction.  Other great areas in Montgomery County but not inclusive are Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery and Spring. is brought to you by 
The Jeff and Mary Real Estate Team, REALTOR®